Saturday, January 31, 2009

BERGEN, NORWAY. (October 2007). The iconic, sloped rooftops of Bryggen - Bergen's historic, UNESCO World Heritage-listed waterfront - coupled with the backdrop of Mount Fløyen, make for Scandinavia's most striking city skyline. Picture available for sale as prints, stock, cards, and wall art. Original photo properties: Olympus E-410 dSLR, Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm lens at 17mm (34mm, 35mm equivalent), Manfrotto Tundra NGTT1 tripod, wireless remote control, manual focus and exposure via LiveView, matrix metering, 3.2s f8, ISO 100, 3503 x 2627 pixels (after crop), RAW.


  1. Awesome photo. Would you recommend visiting Bergen? Its so cheap to fly from here, I've been tempted to get out and explore Norway some more.

  2. Absolutely visit Bergen if you get the chance, as long as you don't mind paying high Norwegian prices and the possibility of a little rain (on average, it rains about 270 days a year there, which is lots but maybe not that different than some parts of Washington state). Out of all of the "big" cities in Scandinavia, I still think it's the most beautiful. But make sure to get out to the fjords (some of the branches of the Sognefjord in particular) also, because I don't think any trip to Bergen is complete without it.

    Click on the "Norway" label here at dingobear photography or head over to the starfish and waffles archives (circa October 2007) for a few more pictures of Bergen and the Western fjord region.