Thursday, December 30, 2010

SASKATOON, CANADA. (December 2010). Happy Christmas from dingobear photography. Original photo properties: Olympus E-620 dSLR, Leica D Summilux 25mm ASPH f1.4 lens (50mm, 35mm equivalent), handheld single autofocus, aperture priority, spot metering, 1/80s f1.8, ISO 320, 3898 x 2903 pixels (after crop), RAW.


  1. To you, your bear Dingo and your family, we wish a Happy New Year and all the best!! :D

    Ivan, Milica & Suncica

  2. Happy New Year, Ivan, Milica and Suncica! May 2011 be the best year yet for photography and everything else. :)