Sunday, September 25, 2011

EDMONTON, CANADA. (June 2011). Delectable French macarons are the only dessert fit for a king.  Picture available for sale as prints.  Original photo properties: Olympus E-620 dSLR, Leica D Summilux 25mm ASPH f1.4 lens (50mm, 35mm equivalent), handheld, single autofocus, aperture priority, matrix metering, 1/25s f4.5, ISO 200, 3978 x 2652 pixels (after crop), RAW.


  1. Finally some Dingo stuff here! :) Love how you composed color stripes with artificially-coloured macarons.

  2. Thanks Ivan! Been so busy lately not much time for photography. But in the upcoming weeks and months, i promise more stuff soon!